Positions we’re looking for:

Stage Hosts

This is an opportunity to bring out your fun and goofy side! We’re looking for communicators to lead our kid service through the scripts we provide. There are jokes, games, and great learning moments! It is more of a host role as we have Bible Story Videos so there’s not as much of a storytelling aspect to it.

Tech Crew

In order to support our kid service we have lights, sound, and screens! That means we need folks to help man those places. We are looking for people who can run each station as well as be a supervisor to help keep everyone on track and in sync with the kid service. Come lend your techy side!

Worship Leaders

Come get your music on! During our kid service we lead the kids in singing and dancing through our worship songs. Come join our fun team of worshipers!

Stage Design

We are looking for creative and crafty folks to help us create fun and engaging environments for the kids during the kid service. We want to catch their eyes and imagination to help get them engaged to learn about Jesus! Let us know if you would like to be a part of creating awesome environments!

Graphic Design

We are always working to provide the best materials that are helpful and engaging to kids and families. This means having well designed material! In both paper forms like our Take Homes and on our screens during our kid service we’re looking for folks who can help us create fun and engaging material! Let us know if that’s you!

Email us today!